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John Sevier Middle School Student Council… A Four-Star Organization of Servant Leaders

JSMS Student Council

We are leaders…

What is the purpose of attending public school?

It’s a seemingly simple question, but one that may elicit many different opinions, depending on whom and when you ask the question.  Certainly, academic growth and achievement is always at the top of the list.  As is developing toward college and/or career readiness.  Growth of the whole child is critical, in areas such as the arts, athletics, and music.  The “priority list” could, in fact, be quite lengthy.

For a group of students at John Sevier Middle School, “Servant Leadership Development” is clearly a focus.  Led by faculty sponsors Rachel Wagner and Heather Donihe, these students have committed to developing themselves not only as students and learners, but also as leaders in their school.  Their efforts are being recognized not only throughout the Sevier community, but also at the state level.  The Tennessee Association of Student Councils has honored the JSMS Student Council with their “Four Star Award,” the top honor given to a school student council.  In fact, only five middle schools in Tennessee received this prestigious honor in 2014.

The criteria to receive the award is incredibly difficult.  During the past school year, the JSMS Student Council completed over 20 projects throughout their school and community in attempting to qualify.  These projects involved community and school service, fundraising, communications, faculty and staff relations, leadership development, and school spirit.  Much selfless work was completed.  It’s the exact type of work that serves to develop community-minded individuals that grasp the importance of placing others above self… the type of individuals that as middle school students, are already understanding what it means to be leaders in the true sense of the word.

Congratulations to all the members of the JSMS Student Council for your shining example of servant leadership.  For your selfless sacrifice and commitment to your school and community, you are absolutely deserving of the honor given by the Tennessee Association of Student Councils.  Well done George Armentrout, Jackson Bass, Charles Chervanik, Samuel Cleek, Caitlyn Cole, John Lewis Corker, Leland Corker, Emily Godsey, Tanner Guske, Jasper Hunley-Bota, Olivia LaHair, Morgan Malcolm, James Root, Callie Stidham, Zach Sublett, Aja Thomas, Aubrey Vincent, Rithvik Vutukuri, and Katie Williams!

We are leaders… We are KCS.