Roosevelt Elementary Students Create Butterfly Garden

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We are unique…

So how can real learning take place in our schools and classrooms… where students move beyond textbook resources and develop deep personal understandings of the subjects they study? How can a community come together to ensure that all students have rich learning environments that take learning to an entirely new level? And how can we ensure that these experiences cater to the individual needs and interests of our children? For the students in the Roosevelt Elementary School Life Skills class, it began with a little help, a lot of ambition, and a cooperative spirit that has led to a large-scale project full of excitement and new learnings.

Beginning in November, 2013, Life Skills teacher Morgan Saunders applied for and received an Eastman “Putting Children First” grant. These funds, generously supplied by Eastman Chemical Company, support and encourage innovative classroom-level projects all across northeast Tennessee. In Ms. Saunders class, it allowed for an in-depth life-cycle project to occur through the creation of a fully developed butterfly garden.

Through this study, Ms. Saunders, her students, and the staff at Roosevelt have reared over 100 painted lady butterflies, built and planted a sustainable butterfly garden, and released the butterflies into their garden creation.  Along the way, they have experienced numerous classroom opportunities focusing on investigation, the sequencing of life cycles, habitats, and the stages of development. Lasting from November through May, this extended hands-on study provided countless opportunities for learning, excitement, and growth.

Every Kingsport City Schools student has individual talents and interests. With the help of Eastman, Ms. Saunders has been able to cultivate a curiosity and love of science in her students, leading to a hands-on, learning-rich environment. We are fortunate to have such fantastic corporate partners that make these unique opportunities possible, and such terrific children that thrive in the excitement of new learning.

Just like the butterflies they released into their new habitat, the students at Roosevelt are distinct individuals, full of life and beauty, and certainly ready to fly!

We are unique… We are KCS.