We Are KCS

“We Are KCS” is ready to launch!

We have a story to tell…

Is this really the time of year to start something new?

To those of us in the education world, late spring is often seen as the time when students and teachers are beginning to build to the inevitable year-end conclusions… end-of-year exams, graduation, summer vacation. Honestly, the sights are often set more on the finish line than they are on beginning a new venture.

But for most, this time of year is a time of rebirth, renewal, and growth. Warming temperatures and blooming nature serve as an annual reminder that we should always move forward, always look to improve, and always seek ways to take advantage of new opportunities.

Today, we mark the launch of “We Are KCS.” Often lost in this current age of accountability, data, and sound-byte news, is the realization that Kingsport City Schools is made up of over 8,500 students and staff members with amazing stories to tell. Each and every day, the people of KCS are accomplishing great things as we strive to learn, grow, and become world class in all that we do.

In the coming weeks and months, We Are KCS will help paint the complete picture of Kingsport City Schools. This venture will go beyond the headlines and explore what is happening in our classrooms, schools, and community. In Kingsport, we are blessed to have so many positive stories to tell, and We Are KCS will help serve as the platform to share that message.  I hope you will follow us at http://www.WeAreKCS.com.

I am excited to shine the spotlight on all that is great about our school system and to share the accomplishments of the students and KCS employees that have dedicated themselves to excellence in all they do. The examples are endless, and I hope you will be inspired by all the great KCS Stories that we have to tell.

We have a story to tell… We are KCS!