KCS Establishes Kingsport City Schools Hall of Fame

KCS Hall of Fame Logo Cropped

We Honor Our Heritage…

It would be quite a lengthy task to generate the full list of individuals that have ever worked for Kingsport City Schools.  Currently, over 1,100 employees serve the students and families of Kingsport each day, striving to positively impact the lives and futures of children in our community.  Stretching back to the early days of KCS almost 100 years ago, the complete list would certainly be in the thousands.

Knowing that the success of any organization rests squarely on the shoulders of those that have come before, the question becomes how can you appropriately honor and recognize those key individuals that have stood out over time as leaders and shining lights?  How can we identify and honor not only those key individuals in the history of Kingsport City Schools, but also the full history and heritage of the district?

In the summer of 2015, the inaugural class of the Kingsport City Schools Hall of Fame will be inducted, identifying and honoring those individuals that have made significant contributions to Kingsport City Schools and its students.  Each year, up to two individuals may be inducted in each of three membership categories – “Legacy” (retired pre-1960), “Tradition” (retired 1960-1990), and “Modern Era” (retired 1991-present).

Any former KCS employee, regardless of job type or category, is eligible for consideration if they have been regularly employed by KCS a minimum of five years and have been retired for a minimum of five years.  Nominations for the Class of 2015 will be accepted through May 1, 2015.  By way of a special provision in the Hall of Fame bylaws, a “double class” is allowed for the inaugural year, meaning up to four individuals may be identified for induction this summer by the Hall selection committee.

As much as any organization looks to the future and seeks that next positive step, it is critical for a system like Kingsport City Schools to stop and also look back, honoring the heritage and contributions of those that have made the current successes possible.  Without those trailblazers and pioneers, KCS would certainly not be what it is today.

We can all remember that key teacher, bus driver, custodian, cafeteria worker, nurse, assistant, office worker, or other educator that made a significant difference in our own life.  The KCS Hall of Fame will now serve as a way to say thank you to not only those inducted, but to all KCS employees that have made such a positive impact on the Kingsport community.  It will serve to both preserve the history of KCS, as well as celebrate the excellence of its heritage and employees.

Nominations are now open and additional information is available on the KCS district website at www.k12k.com.

We Honor Our Heritage… We are KCS!

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