The Saturday Six D-B EXCEL Edition – February 27, 2016

To provide you some key information and possibly bust some myths that may still be out there, the Saturday Six focuses on the KCS D-B EXCEL program this week.  D-B EXCEL (DBE) is a program that provides high school students a unique and innovative way to achieve high school credit (and a Dobyns-Bennett diploma) through a blended-learning approach, utilizing both technology and face-to-face instruction.

  1.  D-B EXCEL is not the alternative school!  DBE provides students of all types a unique way to earn D-B credits.  There is no “typical” DBE student… They are students that seek a smaller learning environment; students that for whatever reason desire a flexible high school schedule; students from the main D-B campus that want to take a class online in order to free up schedule space for additional coursework at D-B.  The DBE student is one that seeks a different path than the traditional high school environment.  Myth:  DBE is a location for students that are remanded to an alternative location for behavior reasons.  Fact:  There are students at D-B EXCEL for a wide variety of reasons, depending on their own specific circumstances or desires.
  2. D-B EXCEL offers a variety of scheduling options.  Students at DBE can take courses in the environment that best suits their individual needs.  Full-time blended-learning students take their classes online at the DBE facility, but with the ongoing support and “shoulder-to-shoulder” guidance of a teacher in the classroom.  Some students are full-time virtual, taking all of their courses online, either at the DBE facility or at home.  Other students are part-time blended/part-time virtual, depending on the level of support and scheduling flexibility that is needed.  It all depends on the individual needs of the student… This truly is an individualized approach to learning!
  3. It’s not just the physical learning environment that is individualized.  By providing a learning platform that is specifically unique to each child, students even have the flexibility to speed up or slow down the learning process.  The pace of learning depends on the needs of the individual student… meaning the student can work quickly through content that is already known and spend longer on items where more support is needed.
  4. Many students from the main D-B campus are taking advantage of D-B EXCEL course offerings.  D-B students are now able to take a wide variety of classes online, which then frees up a slot within the student’s existing schedule. This flexibility provides students the ability to take additional D-B classes of their choosing (which they otherwise would not have the ability to take), as well as obtain additional high school credits.
  5. Learning and opportunities do not stop with the “academic” coursework.  Through partnerships in the local business community, DBE students can participate in the “Earn and Learn” program.  This unique opportunity provides valuable work and vocational skills training that will support the growth of the learner.  The opportunity to gain valuable work experience while in high school is a key component of D-B EXCEL’s learning program.
  6. D-B EXCEL is growing!  Along with a steep increase in enrollment, academic supports have continued to expand.  Currently, the staff at DBE includes two math teachers, two English teachers, a science teacher, a social studies teacher, two part-time special education teachers, and a college & career liaison.  The staff is able to provide a deep level of instruction and support to DBE students, both in-person and online.  And with the growth in enrollment comes a need for additional space!  D-B EXCEL is current working toward transitioning to a new state-of-the-art physical facility to support this unique program, with the goal of relocating during the fall/winter of 2016.

Want to learn more about D-B EXCEL?  Is it right for your family?  Find out more by contacting Principal Mrs. Shanna Hensley at

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