The Saturday Six – April 16, 2016

This week, we celebrate National Assistant and Associate Principals Week in the KCS Saturday Six!  KCS is blessed to have a team of fantastic administrators that provide educational and administrative support in schools across the district.  Thank you to these incredible assistant and associate principals!

  1.  The Assistant Principal team at Dobyns-Bennett brings decades of experience to the table and is a critical piece to the school’s success, overseeing individual subject areas and segments of the D-B student “alphabet.”  Thank you to Richard Brown, Dr. Randy Watts, Dr. Brian Tate, Beth Cohen, Eric Lyons, Dee Olterman, and Cary Daniels!
  2. Both KCS middle schools have an assistant and an associate principal who seamlessly support the academic and administrative work taking place.  On any given day, you might see them leading instructional teams, taking care of administrative duties, building student relationships, or working with parents and community stakeholders.  At John Sevier Middle School, Nick Roebke and Jim Wernke complete a great admin team, as do Julie Malone and Kelli Seymour at Robinson Middle!
  3. We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention a retired KCS administrator that continues to serve the students of Kingsport, even in his retirement.  Longtime admin Mr. Randy Quillin has been graciously willing to return to the district on multiple occasions, serving as an interim assistant principal when needed.  Mr. Quillin is currently filling in as the interim AP at Robinson Middle School.  Thank you Mr. Quillin for you service and dedication!
  4. Did you know that each KCS elementary school has an associate principal on staff to support the work of the schools?  Not only do these positions provide valuable support to the school culture, they also serve as a key component to the district’s leadership development plan.  Any healthy organization works to actively grow leadership from within, and KCS is no different!  A majority of KCS district and school leaders are “home-grown,” and have served as associate principals in the past!
  5. At our elementary schools, associate principals can be found doing a wide variety of work, such as helping to lead our professional learning communities, taking care of school administrative duties, and assisting with teacher evaluations.  The team includes Phillip Wright at Adams Elementary, Dr. Kelli Cate at Jackson Elementary, Janice Irvin at Jefferson Elementary,  Vicky Treadway at Johnson Elementary, Lori Smith at Kennedy Elementary, Kyle Loudermilk at Lincoln Elementary, Val Love at Roosevelt Elementary, and Amy Doran at Washington Elementary.
  6. Thank you to the fantastic assistant and associate principals of Kingsport City Schools!  You do outstanding work that leads directly to the success of our students and staff.  As a community, we are fortunate to have such a dedicated, talented, and committed group of leaders serving our schools.  #WorldClass


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