The KCS Saturday Six – October 1, 2016

Did you know that in recent years, Kingsport City Schools has embarked on a mission to reduce energy use throughout the district?  Through facility improvements and upgrades to old and inefficient items, KCS expects to save approximately $6 million over a 15-year period.  How much is the district saving and how is this occurring?  Let’s look at six facts about the KCS energy efficient schools initiative!

  1.  In partnership with Energy Systems Group, KCS was awarded a low-interest loan to fund $5.1 million in facilities upgrades, which will be repaid entirely through energy cost savings over 15 years.  Many of these upgrades replaced items that needed improving or had reached the end of their original lifespan.
  2. What improvements took place?  Since 2012, construction has included installation of energy efficient lighting throughout the district, water conservation improvements, energy management controls, replacing old HVAC units, and improving windows, ceilings, lighting, and the HVAC at the Palmer Center.
  3. How much has been saved?  Since construction almost four years ago, the district has realized over $1.5 million in energy savings, funds that both save the taxpayer and can be used for more critical purposes.
  4. The improvements are projected to annually save 4.6 million kWh of electricity across the district… Enough electricity to power 400 homes!
  5. It’s not just power savings, either.  Improvements to the district’s water system are expected to save six million gallons of water each year.  That’s enough water to full 120,000 bathtubs!
  6. And this project goes beyond just energy cost savings.  The new HVAC, lighting, window, and water improvements are projected to save the district approximately $3 million in maintenance and capital improvement costs.  Wow!!

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