The Saturday Six “School Counseling” Edition – February 4, 2017

2-4-17This weekend kicks off National School Counseling Week in the U.S. and Kingsport City Schools is blessed to have an outstanding team of school counselors supporting the development of our students.  This year’s theme is “School Counseling:  Helping Students Realize Their Potential.”  But did you ever stop to consider exactly what our school counselors do and how they help our students maximize their potential?

In this week’s Saturday Six, let’s explore six ways that KCS school counselors help Kingsport students pursue world class!

  1. School counselors work with ALL students.  They meet students where they are emotionally, academically and socially and help guide them to the next stage in their personal development path.
  2. School counselors work with students on three domains of development: Academic, career, and social/personal.  By focusing on these domains, they help students become successful and well-rounded adults and problem-solvers.
  3. The role of the school counselor changes as students mature and move through different developmental stages.  The elementary school counselor’s job is much different than that of the high school counselor, but still focuses on supporting student growth and development among the three domains.
  4. School counselors collaborate with teachers, administrators, parents and community agencies to ensure that they are meeting the needs of our students.  In many occasions, school counselors are a vital link between schools and outside agencies.  This ensures continuity of care and resources for both the student and family.
  5. School counselors support student academic growth by helping to uncover possible blocks that might be hindering progress.  These blocks might include grief issues, family concerns, study skills and organizational issues, and friendship issues, among other things.
  6. School counselors CARE for students!  They provide a safe and supportive place for students to solve problems and move forward in their development.

At its core, school counselors as helpers … they help students … they help teachers … they help families … they help our community.  Thank you, school counselors, for making our students and our world a better place!  You consistently show what happens when a healthy dose of idealism is paired with action in a caring environment… Positive change is the result!

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