The Saturday Six “MATHCOUNTS” Edition – March 25, 2017

Last weekend, students at Ross R. Robinson flexed their mathematical muscles competing in the state-level MATHCOUNTS competition.  What a successful competition it was!  Due to much hard work and practice, the Robinson team placed third in Tennessee… quite an accomplishment that places these KCS students among the best of the best!

This week, the Saturday Six takes a look at the MATHCOUNTS program and highlights the exceptional accomplishments of our world-class students!

  1. The MATHCOUNTS competition is a national program that provides students the opportunity to compete in live, in-person math contests against and alongside their peers. It was created in 1983 and is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in both public and private schools.
  2. The MATHCOUNTS competition has four levels of competition… school, chapter, state and national.  Schools register in the fall and RNR had their school competition in December, where 10 students advanced to the Upper East Chapter competition in February.  The students practiced after school with their coach, Lisa Bratton, and their assistant coach, Cameron Buck,  as well as volunteer and community member, Dr. Greg Rasmussen. The students also put in many hours on their own through online and print resources provided by MATHCOUNTS.  The top eight individual scoring students from the Chapter competed in the state competition in March.  The top four individuals from the state will represent Tennessee at the National Competition in May.  Only 224 students from across the nation will compete in this top level of the competition.
  3. Each MATHCOUNTS competition consists of four rounds:  Sprint (30 problems in 40 minutes with no calculator), Target (eight calculator problems presented in pairs with six minutes for each pair),  Team (10 calculator problems in 20 minutes taken by the top four students from the school competition), and Countdown (Top 8-12 individual scoring students compete head-to-head with no calculator.  This round focuses on speed and accuracy).
  4. This year’s Robinson team was comprised of Sahil Gaba (captain), Chandni Bhat, Ryan Herzog and Neekon Nejad.  They earned the right to compete in the state competition after placing 1st at the Chapter level.    Individuals who also qualified to compete in the state competition were Marcus Espeland, Caleb Buell and Emily Cai.  Other students that participated at the chapter level were Noah Lee, Melody Yuan and Ria Kothan. RNR took 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in the individual rounds of the chapter competition. The Robinson MATHCOUNTS team placed 3rd in the state competition. Sahil Gaba placed 1st in the oral countdown round and 2nd in the written round of the competition.  He earned a spot on the Tennessee team and will be competing in the national MATHCOUNTS competition May 13-15 in Orlando, Florida with three other students from across the state.
  5. RNR has had 16 consecutive 1st place wins since 2002 at the chapter level team competition.  They have had 10 top-four finishes as a team at the state level and have sent eight students to the national level since 1994.
  6. All of this year’s participants in RNR MATHCOUNTS also participate in the school band or orchestra.  Music and math really do have a connection here at RNR!

Congratulations to the students and coaches of the Robinson MATHCOUNTS team!  You are truly world-class!!

Please note that just like the rest of KCS, the Saturday Six will be on Spring Break next week.  Look for the next Saturday Six on April 8, 2017!

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