The Saturday Six “Video Blog” Edition – April 28, 2017

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about video?  Maybe, a thousand clicks?!  The WeAreKCS Video Blog highlights various programs and events happening throughout Kingsport City Schools.  It’s a great way to learn more about the fantastic things being done by our students and staff.

This week, the Saturday Six showcases six WeAreKCS videos from this past school year!

  1. KCS School Counseling Week.  Our school counselors are unsung heroes!
  2. Adams Elementary School – Project Run With It.  Have you ever had an idea and were allowed to just run with it?  Well, that is exactly what Adams 4th grade students did with their American Revolution curriculum.
  3. Dobyns-Bennett High School – Science Innovation.  Working collaboratively has been proven to be effective in both school and work environments.  It’s common with presentations and projects, but what about assessments? Wait until you see what they are doing in AP biology at Dobyns-Bennett.
  4. Sevier Middle School – Shared Learning.  Students studying together is a powerful way to increase academic and social learning.  Students in Mr. Baker’s classroom are learning life lessons and building long-term friendships!
  5. WCSK 90.3 FM – The Voice of Kingsport City Schools.  It’s eclectic and educational… If you aren’t listening, you should be!  Learn more about how WCSK 90.3 FM is managed and how students play a key role in station operations.  Did you also know that students broadcast play-by-play at KCS athletic sporting events?
  6. Washington Elementary School – WSIC.  Have you ever wanted to be a reporter, meteorologist or a news anchor?  Well, broadcasting club students at Washington Elementary are doing just that!  With help from their teachers, they are researching, writing, producing, editing and reporting information, news and events happening at Washington on a daily basis.  Washington School Is Cool!

There are so many wonderful and meaningful learning experiences occurring within the walls of Kingsport City Schools, and you’ve only seen a small sampling here.  Be on the lookout for more WeAreKCS video blogs, as we continue to shine a light on teachers, students and programs.  Stay tuned!

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