The Saturday Six “Fall Break” Edition – October 21, 2017

Though students and many staff members took advantage of Fall Break to enjoy some much deserved rest and relaxation, it was still a busy week across Kingsport City Schools.  Many KCS employees were working hard to prepare, serve, and improve our educational community while our facilities were a little less crowded.

What goes on across KCS during a student break?  This week, the Saturday Six goes behind the scenes to take a look at some of the activity and work that has taken place during Fall Break 2017!

  1. As part of the continual effort to improve student learning, the KCS Technology Department was hard at work installing new wireless access points in all elementary schools.  This major project will help ensure that the KCS Technology Vision is fulfilled at all levels and that students have the best possible access to an engaging curriculum!
  2. When over 7,500 students are not in our schools, it’s a great time for the KCS Custodial & Maintenance departments to tackle a wide variety of upkeep items.  Floors were waxed, maintenance took place, and staff worked hard to clean and keep facilities in tip-top shape.  These women and men are a prime reason why KCS has such great learning environments!
  3. Some children continue to call KCS home over break.  Facilities that host Early Childhood Learning Centers and School-Aged Childcare were bustling with activity and learning this week!
  4. A break is also a great time to take care of larger physical projects in schools.  For instance, Adams Elementary received some office and music classroom improvements in the form of new walls and office furniture.  A definite improvement in these important areas!
  5. Learning certainly doesn’t stop over break, even for the adults of KCS.  Professional development activities took place in Kingsport, and several teachers and administrators even gave up part of their vacation to attend important learning opportunities outside of Kingsport.
  6. And while classes may not have taken place this week, business operations across the district kept right on rolling.  From schools to the Administrative Support Center, offices remained active to serve the needs of the community.

We hope you had a great Fall Break 2017.  We’ll see you back at school on Monday morning, October 23rd.  It’s hard to believe there are only 4 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving and only 41 days until Winter Break!

Next week in the Saturday Six:  This is a time of year when teachers and administrators spend much time reviewing and analyzing a wealth of incoming data.  Next week, we’ll look at six highlights regarding KCS student growth and achievement data.

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