The WeAreKCS Video Blog – KCS School Resource Officers

Kingsport City Schools is fortunate to have an exceptional group of School Resource Officers (SROs) working every day to keep our schools safe and secure.  These four Kingsport Police Department officers work full-time in our schools, ensuring that students and teachers have the best possible learning environment.

In honor of this week’s “KCS Back the Blue” day, the WeAreKCS Video Blog highlights these fantastic officers and the KCS School Resource Officer program!

One comment

  1. We greatly appreciate the SRO’s and all that they do to keep the students safe! Appreciate Officer Cornett and Smelser’s great attitudes with the kids and helping build positive relationships with them. Thanks to all the SRO’s for all they do to keep our community safe and to invest their lives into the lives of young people that may need helping finding the right direction in life.

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