The Saturday Six “D-B EXCEL Makerspace” Edition – December 9, 2017

The transformation of learning environments is always ongoing throughout Kingsport City Schools, as new and innovative educational experiences provide incredible opportunities for KCS students.

D-B EXCEL offers an inspiring curriculum, empowering culture, and cultivating real-world learning applications. Students are not only challenged by the rigor of D-B EXCEL’s coursework, they are also exposed to 21st century skills which are are critical for advancement in both their education and careers. In order to help D-B EXCEL achieve this mission of providing an innovative approach to personalized learning, the D-B EXCEL Makerspace was created.

The Makerspace was constructed to give students the opportunity to design, create, and innovate through project and problem-based learning.  In the Makerspace, students have access to numerous design and presentation possibilities.  These experiences will guide students toward demonstrating mastery and proficiency of 21st century skills and standards in all content areas.  Through the Makerspace, students expand their learning opportunities, experience the real-world, and explore innovative ways of thinking.

What’s in the DBE Makerspace?  Let’s check it out!

  1. Digital Arts Classes – Serving as DBE’s primary elective focus, students utilize current technology tools to produce digital arts products that reflect and demonstrate curricular learning.  While Digital Arts standards form the core of the work in this lab, the location acts as the platform for teaching effective use of all technology equipment for other academic classes, as well.
  2. 3D Printing – The Makerspace allows for extensive use of the lab’s 3D printers, where students can design and print objects reflecting their learning.  The lab utilizes cutting edge products such as Autodesk Fusion 360, Ultimaker, and Makerbot Replicator and 3D Scanner.
  3. Digital Photography & Videography – Extensive student work is produced through the development of high-tech photography and videography productions.  Using a green-screen and technology tools, learning is presented in engaging and eye-popping fashion.  In this area, you’ll see tools such as high-tech Nikon cameras, a GoPro camera, a Canon photo printer, and even a DJI Phantom Drone including a camera.
  4. Graphic Design – Design skills are developed through the production of online and printed materials.  Students utilize the latest technology tools in their productions, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Wacom drawing tablets, a digital scanner, and even a full-size color HP Poster Printer.
  5. Mac Computer Lab – To be truly innovative and cutting-edge, students need to have the best technology available for design work.  To accomplish this, the Makerspace contains 10 iMac desktop computers and 15 MacBook Pros!
  6. Project-Based Learning – At its core, the Makerspace exists to provide an environment that is engaging and centered on content learning.  Cross-curricular experiences cover all academic content areas, where students demonstrate learning mastery through the production of items such as history posters, children’s books, and video products.  It is true 21st Century project-based learning and a tremendous opportunity for engaging student learning!

Next Week in the Saturday Six – Construction is about to begin on the Regional Science and Technology Center on the campus of Dobyns-Bennett High School.  We’ll look back to the ceremonial groundbreaking, as well as explore what is to come in this incredible new facility.

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