Dobyns-Bennett/Regional Science and Technology Center Construction Update

Dobyns-Bennett Construction Traffic Patterns 12-26-17

When Dobyns-Bennett students and staff return to school on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, vehicle and traffic patterns will be adjusted due to the start of construction on the Regional Science and Technology Center.  This project will take approximately 15 months to complete, with the result being a 70,000+ square foot facility that will house game-changing science and technology education for KCS students.

A variety of materials have been distributed to students and staff to help with the transition back to school on January 9th:

  • Click here to view a webpage (also available at the KCS website at that contains a map, photos, updates, and an FAQ related to construction and logistics.  This webpage will be the main catalog of information until the project is completed in Spring 2019.
  • A special Twitter account has been created to make you aware of construction updates and alerts.  Follow “DBHS Construction Project” at @KCS_RSTC.  This will be used for instant news and info.
  • The map above outlines the new traffic patterns and drop-off/pick-up points.  Please note that Midland Drive will no longer connect with Legion Drive in front of the Pridemore Theater.  Those traveling north on Midland Drive must enter either the faculty parking lot next to Civic Auditorium or the Maroon Student Parking Lot.  Traffic entering campus on Legion Drive may drop off in front of the Theater, then circle back at a new roundabout, exiting campus to the west on Center Street or Auditorium Drive.  The drop-off roundabout on Tribe Way (near the Dome ramp/along the baseball field) will continue to be operational for student drop-off/pick-up at this time.

An important note to remember:  The temporary “Main Entrance” to D-B during construction will be at the CTE entrance.  The current front door to D-B will be behind the construction entrance and not accessible to school visitors.  All visitors and those wishing to sign-out students should enter at the CTE building (accessed from the stoplight at Center Street/Park Street).

Certainly, there will be inconveniences as construction progresses.  However, the end result of a state-of-the-art science and technology facility will be worth those “pardon our dust” moments along the way.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we build the future of education in Kingsport!

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