The Saturday Six “STREAM” Edition – January 20, 2018

As second semester hits fill stride, the Saturday Six turns its attention to a key academic focus for KCS, the district STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Vision.  Led by the KCS Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) team, STREAM specialists Wendy Courtney and Andrea Fissel, and KCS educators across the district, students at all levels are designing and engineering solutions to problems that directly connect them to the real world of the future.  These experiences prepare them not only for future learning, but also for careers that have not yet been invented.

What does the STREAM work look like in KCS?  Let’s explore six aspects of the STREAM Vision that are preparing students for an exciting future!

  1. Students across KCS are exploring the world of coding via a partnership between KCS and Bootup.  These programming experiences support a deep level of planning and problem solving to accomplish a variety of tasks.  Teachers at all levels are working together to provide cohesive transitions as students grow and advance to higher grades.
  2. Robotics programming is expanding at schools across the district.  Originally starting at D-B with the US FIRST robotics program, middle and elementary schools are now exploring robotics through the FIRST Lego League competition.  There are even underwater robotics teams starting at D-B and D-B EXCEL this year!
  3. The KCS STREAM specialists are working with teachers in the development of project-based learning for students.  These classroom learning opportunities provide hands-on experiences that provide real-world connections and deep levels of student understanding.
  4. New Science Standards are on the way in Tennessee and extensive professional development is occurring to make sure teachers are fully prepared to support student achievement.  Curriculum maps will be developed to guide classroom learning and ensure the transition to the new standards is a smooth and successful one.
  5. Science collaboratives are taking place to provide a deep level of integrated instructional planning.  This work helps to connect STREAM learning to all areas of the curriculum, such as literacy.  In doing so, STREAM becomes an embedded aspect of many classroom learning experiences.
  6. STREAM instruction in KCS is truly a team effort!  By working together, individuals such as teachers, STREAM coordinators, Instructional Design Specialists, principals, and district-level C&I staff are continually developing a wide-reaching and engaging STREAM instructional platform that will serve students well.  By focusing on STREAM, KCS is preparing students for success today, tomorrow, and beyond!

Want to keep up to speed on all the exciting STREAM happenings across the district?  Stay connected through Twitter by following @KCS_STREAM.

Next week in the Saturday Six:  Students from Dobyns-Bennett High School are taking an active role in developing their own leadership skills while also serving other students across the district.  We’ll learn more about the D-B YES! program and how peer mentoring is making a difference in the lives of our students.

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