KCS Students Display Their Patriotism


We are patriotic…

It happens in classrooms all across Kingsport each and every day.  To some, it may seem like just another ordinary routine.  But for students in Kingsport City Schools, it is an exercise in freedom and civic understanding.  It’s the Pledge of Allegiance, and for our students and teachers, it’s how we begin our day.  During this school year, students and teachers have had the privilege of participating in WKPT-TV’s regular morning broadcast of the Pledge, which has aired during “Good Morning America” and has also been posted on the KCS and WKPT Facebook pages.  It has been a fun way for parents and community members to see our students displaying their patriotism.  And let’s face it… It’s always exciting to see your daughter/son/grandchild on television, right?

However, there is a bigger issue at play here.  This is just one of many things occurring in our schools every day that stress citizenship, honor, and civic responsibility.  In a day and age where these traits are often overshadowed by the many voices of popular culture, it’s important that children know and understand the country in which we reside.  We are privileged to live in this great nation and to be a part of a special school system.  In helping our students become excellent in their academic and social pursuits, we also take seriously the need to support and assist in the development of informed, knowledgeable, and responsible citizens.

Kingsport City Schools strives to educate and develop the whole child.  Whether it’s the responsibility instilled through rigorous academic pursuits and extra-curricular activities, the sportsmanship taught through participation in athletics, or the many important life lessons learned both inside and outside of the classroom, our students are growing and developing each and every day. We are proud to play such an important part in the nurturing of Kingsport’s next generation of citizens and leaders.  It’s a vital role in ensuring that we all understand our heritage, our responsibilities, and our pride in our community and country.

We are patriotic… We are KCS!