Dobyns-Bennett 2014 Graduates Excel


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We excel…

Saturday, May 24, 2014 dawned bright, sunny, and unseasonably cool in Kingsport, as 427 Dobyns-Bennett graduating seniors awoke to a day of excitement and celebration.  Graduation day at D-B is always a joyous occasion, as graduates and families gather to recognize student achievement and success.  This year’s event was no different, as another fantastic D-B class brought a successful close to their high school careers.

After a review of the data, to say this was a “successful” graduating class actually turns out to be quite an understatement.  In preparation for his commencement address, D-B Principal Dr. Chris Hampton did some research regarding the accomplishments of this particular class.  The results are nothing short of astounding.  The Class of 2014 contained:

  • Three National Merit Finalists
  • Two National Merit Commended Students
  • A Presidential Scholar Semifinalist
  • 85 Tennessee/Virginia Scholars
  • 93 Graduates of Distinction
  • An appointment to the United States Air Force Academy
  • Multiple commitments to the United States Armed Services
  • Four students with perfect attendance for all four years of high school
  • Over a dozen Career and Technical state-level winners and national qualifiers
  • Over 50 conference, district, and regional athletic titles
  • Multiple state athletic champions
  • A student with a perfect score on the ACT

But it doesn’t stop there.  This year’s graduating band class has been described as one of the most successful in the history of Dobyns-Bennett, having performed on some of the biggest stages in the country.  Their credits include performances for both the Governor and President, having marched at Neyland Stadium, in the Tournament of Roses and Macy’s parades, and at the Presidential Inauguration.

The quality of this year’s graduates has certainly been noticed, both near and far.  As an indicator of their success and future potential, the Class of 2014 has been offered the staggering amount of over $10.2 million in scholarship money to date.  This is the largest recorded amount of scholarship offerings for a graduating class since this data has been collected and speaks volumes about their achievement and potential for the future.

It is a class to be celebrated.  We look forward to seeing what great things lie in these students’ futures and trust that the experiences gained at D-B have prepared them well for the path in front of them.  The Class of 2014 epitomizes the definition of the phrase “World Class,” and with excitement and confidence, wish them well.  Once an Indian… Always an Indian!  #RollTribeRoll

We excel… We are KCS!

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