Dobyns-Bennett Students “Pay it Forward”

We have a heart for service…

It is said that the true character of a person is demonstrated when no one is watching.  If that is the case, than a group of young ladies at Dobyns-Bennett have set a bar that we all should strive and hope to reach.

Following an economics class on poverty during their Junior year, these ladies felt called to served economically disadvantaged students at D-B that might be missed by local service agencies.  Knowing that navigating through high school can be difficult enough, they wanted to do what they could to help their fellow students who’s families might be struggling financially.  Thus, “Pay it Forward” was born.  Over the next year, they worked to support students whose high school experience might be limited due to financial issues.

It was certainly a noble cause that made a tangible difference in the lives of many D-B students.  But here is the amazing, and likely most impressive part of the story… the entire project was done anonymously.  Mailboxes were placed within D-B and students were encouraged to anonymously suggest names of classmates so that no one would feel awkward requesting help.  The names of students or families in need were referred to appropriate individuals and agencies for help.  Assistance was provided quietly with students’ feelings in mind.  High school can be hard enough, as it is.

When word about Pay it Forward did come to light, community members quickly rose to support the cause.  Brothers Scot and John Franklin, owners of the Fort Henry Drive Subway, held two fundraising events over the course of the 2013-14 school year.  Over $670 was raised to support the efforts of Pay it Forward, with all funds donated to the Clothes Closet for needed shoes and clothing.  Dozens of shoes, tops, and pants were purchased for students in need.

And who were the young ladies that imagined, created, and facilitated the “Pay it Forward” project?  Nope… that’s anonymous, as well.  You see, it was important to these young ladies that their work remain behind the scenes, as they wanted neither credit or personal recognition for their work.  They simply desired to serve their classmates in whatever way they could… To make a positive difference in another’s life so that they could have the same type of high school experience that these young ladies were blessed to have.

We may very well never know the identities of these D-B students that did so much for their classmates, but the results of their work can be seen in the positive impact on the lives of many others.  For these young ladies, that is reward enough.

We have a heart for service… We are KCS!

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