The Saturday Six Spring Break Edition – March 26, 2016

Think that since Spring Break is upon us, all with Kingsport City Schools comes to a halt?  Not so!  This week, the Saturday Six peeks behind the curtain to reveal a variety of things that will be going on while students and (some) staff are on break.

  1. There are many KCS students and staff members that have very busy schedules this week.  For instance, the Dobyns-Bennett “Cyber Tribe” team will be competing in two major robotics competitions over break.  This weekend, the team travels to Huntsville, Alabama for the FIRST Robotics Rocket City Regional.  Then next weekend, they are back on the road, this time to Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville for the Smoky Mountains Regional.  Live streaming will be available, so even if you can’t attend, you can virtually support our students!  #RollCyberTribe
  2. The KCS Early Childhood staff will be hard at work serving parents and children, preparing for the 2016-17 school year.  Pre-K screenings and placements will take place next week to help get our future students ready for next school year.  It is an exciting time for both parents and children, as they begin to start the transition to school!
  3. The KCS Human Resources department is starting to hit high gear!  The recruitment and hiring process never really stops, but especially at this time of year, things are beginning to ramp up for what is an extremely busy season.  HR will be hiring and processing new employees, and with an eye on the 16-17 school year, beginning work on making sure the district’s goal of “providing committed and innovative educators” is being met.
  4. The KCS Technology department never sleeps!  While many students and staff are on break next week, tech services will be hard at work continuing to move the district technology vision forward.  Staff will take advantage of lower network traffic to complete maintenance and numerous system upgrades, including work on the wireless network, servers, and security cameras.
  5. Do you (or someone you know) need assistance with a zoning or tuition issue for 2016-17?  Spring Break is a great time to submit that request!  The KCS Student Services department is accepting zoning and tuition applications for next year, which can be submitted online here. Remember, even if you are attending a KCS school this year through a zoning or tuition situation, a request must be made annually.  The Student Services department will be happy to accept that request next week.
  6. There may not be students to feed this week, but the KCS School Nutrition Services staff is hard at work.  SNS will spend much of next week gathering documentation for their yearly State review that is coming up in April, as well as making preparations for the Summer Feeding Program.  It’s hard to believe, but summer will be here before you know it!
  7. Speaking of summer… A bonus item!  The KCS Communications staff will spend time next week in preparation for the release of the 2016 Summer Activities calendar.  This one-stop shop for academic camps, sports camps, and summer activities will be  published just after spring break.  Having seen the initial list, it’s certainly going to be a busy and fun summer!!

And don’t forget… 90.3 FM WCSK, the voice of Kingsport City Schools, never sleeps!  Let it be the 24/7 soundtrack of your Spring Break.  🙂

**Coming soon:  Did you notice that this past week, the D-B baseball team recorded the 1,500th win in school history?  This is the most wins by a high school varsity baseball team in America!!  In the coming weeks, look for a special Saturday Six that will share six interesting facts about the D-B baseball program.  Well done, Tribe!

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