The Saturday Six – April 2, 2016

As we wrap up the KCS Spring Break this weekend, we look back and celebrate the Dobyns-Bennett Baseball Program, which recently celebrated the 1,500th win in program history.  Did you know that D-B Baseball is the winningest high school baseball program in America?  More varsity wins than any high school in the country!!

Here are six things you may not have known about the Tribe:

1.  What a home field advantage… J. Fred Johnson Stadium.  We all know what a great venue J Fred is for football on Fridays nights in Kingsport.  But the baseball end of the stadium has witnessed some great baseball over the years.  Not only has J Fred been the home of Tribe baseball, but Major League Baseball greats like Ted Williams, Darryl Strawberry, Glen Hubbard, and Dale Murphy have all played on the diamond inside J Fred.  Have you seen the new additions to the stadium this year to honor the past and prepare for future success of Tribe Baseball?

2. The “K”…  We are Dobyns-Bennett.  But make no mistake about it, we are Kingsport’s high school.  The K symbolizes our pride in our great city and also helps keep alive the tradition of past Tribe baseball teams.

3. We strive for excellence on the field, but it’s more than just working for the next win.  The program is also about developing great citizens and students.  The Tribe baseball team takes pride in community service.  The team helps with the Komen Race for the Cure each October and also supports the Santa Train at Christmas time each year.

4. 1500 and counting!  The Tribe has more varsity wins than any other high school in America, tallying its 1,500th W in a thrilling come from behind win against Science Hill.

5. Success in high school and beyond… There are 18 former Tribe baseball members currently playing baseball in college.

6.  We celebrate the “current,” while not forgetting our past.  Each year, the team holds a Tribe Baseball preseason banquet.  The proceeds help fund the Johnny Whited Scholarship, which is given to a senior each year.  Players from the 1950’s through current players attended this year.

Congratulations to Head Coach Ryan Wagner, the staff, and the players of Tribe Baseball on win #1,500.  World Class!!

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