The KCS Saturday Six – October 14, 2016

Each and every day that school is in session, the KCS Transportation Department works hard to transport thousands of Kingsport’s children safely to and from school.  Safety is priority #1, and parents depend on our drivers and staff to deliver precious cargo… A job they enthusiastically and skillfully perform every day!

October 17-21 is the annual National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) School Bus Safety Week.  As we focus on ways to maintain a safe transportation environment, let’s look at six facts about bus safety and the KCS Transportation Department.

  1.  More that 40 buses operate on KCS school days, completing approximately 140 different bus runs.  How many miles do those buses cover in a day?  The fleet drives approximately 2,500 miles every day.  That’s almost 450,000 miles each year!
  2. For many years, all KCS buses have included seat belts as an extra measure to keep children safe.  This measure is a key piece of the KCS transportation plan, and continues to be included in new bus purchases.
  3. KCS bus drivers not only work with students on a daily basis on the importance of staying safe, they also hold extra safety sessions at schools during the course of the school year.  Drivers bring their bus to elementary schools to hold sessions on school bus safety and bus emergency evacuation.
  4. Remember, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW to pass a school bus with its stop sign extended.  The flashing lights and stop sign serve as a warning that students will be entering or exiting the bus.  The law in Tennessee law states that vehicles must stop for school buses loading and unloading except for oncoming traffic on roads with a physical dividing median or other separation.  Keep everyone safe!  Stop when you see that red indicator.
  5. One other area of constant attention for drivers is what’s often called “The Danger Zone.”  This is a 10-foot radius around the outside of the bus and is the most likely place where students could get hurt during pick-ups and drop-offs, as children in the Danger Zone are more difficult to see by motorists.  Experts advise that this should be an area of particular focus and care for both drivers and students riding the bus.
  6. Help spread the word about school bus safety during the 2016 National School Bus Safety Week!  This year’s theme is #StopOnRed!

Thanks to the great drivers of the KCS Transportation team!  They work hard to make sure that almost a half-million miles of bus transportation are safe and secure.

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