The Saturday Six “KCS Backs the Blue” Edition – October 29, 2016


This week, the Saturday Six highlights “KCS Backs the Blue Day,” which will take place in Kingsport on Tuesday, November 1, 2016.  This special day will highlight the exceptional support provided by the Kingsport Police Department.  All KCS students, staff, and families are encouraged to wear blue on Tuesday, November 1 to show appreciation for what the KPD does for us each and every day! #BacktheBlue

  1.  The Kingsport Police Department has both a formal and informal presence in our schools each and every day.  Four full-time School Resource Officers serve in our secondary schools (two at Dobyns-Bennett High School and one each at Sevier and Robinson Middle Schools), while other KPD officers conduct daily walk-throughs and maintain visibility in all other KCS schools.  The presence of these officers provides a specific reminder and level of support to our schools that can’t be understated.  These officers, as well as all KPD officers that are present in our buildings on a daily basis, ensure the safety and security of our students, staff, and visitors.
  2. Who are the four School Resource Officers that are placed full-time at D-B, Robinson, and Sevier?  Left to right:  Officer Sean Cornett (D-B), Officer Justin Humphries (D-B), Officer Rick Marshall (Robinson) and Officer Brad Conkin (Sevier).
  3. How will “KCS Backs the Blue Day” be celebrated throughout KCS on November 1?  The day will start with KCS providing KPD officers and staff a thank-you breakfast and conclude with a formal recognition presented to KPD leadership by the KCS Board of Education.  During the rest of the day, officers are invited to drop in at all KCS schools for a variety of school-based appreciations.  And of course, all KCS students and staff are encouraged to wear blue on Tuesday as a visible reminder of how much we appreciate all the ways the Kingsport Police Department serves our school system.
  4. Did you know that even though there are not specific School Resource Officers at our elementary schools, that doesn’t mean that these schools don’t have a healthy police presence?  Odds are that if you stop by a KCS elementary school during the day, you are likely to find a KPD officer walking through the hallways, dropping into classrooms to say hello, or even interacting with students in the cafeteria.  This not only helps to keep our schools safe, but also develops positive relationships between students and law enforcement officers.
  5. KPD officers also work closely with KCS teachers and administrators in the development of school emergency response planning.  These plans are in place should an emergency ever happen, and having trained and knowledgeable officers helping to craft and practice these is an incredibly valuable resource.  With KPD’s guidance, our students, staff, and community know that our schools will be in the best possible position should an emergency unfortunately occur.
  6. Through a Memorandum of Understanding, there are formal goals that have been developed related to KPD’s presence in our schools.  These include…
    1. Helping maintain a safe and secure environment on each campus conducive to an educationally-stimulating atmosphere, serving as a means of reducing the possibility of criminal activities and disturbances.
    2. Establishing a more complete liaison with school personnel in a cooperative effort to prevent juvenile delinquency.
    3. Promoting positive attitudes regarding the police role in society and informing the students of their rights and responsibilities as lawful citizens.
    4. Fostering educational programs and activities that will increase students’ knowledge of and respect for the law and the function of law enforcement agencies.
    5. Reducing the potential of criminal offenses committed against persons and property.
    6. Working with school personnel to develop closer contact, better communication, and increased respect of the students.
    7. Helping develop positive and constructive relationships in the schools and school community.

Please join us in helping to “Back the Blue” on Tuesday, November 1, 2016.  Watch KCS social media and #BackTheBlue for updates, photos, and many recognitions of thanks to the women and men that put their lives on the line each day to keep us safe.  KCS Backs the Blue!

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