The Saturday Six “Tribe Games” Edition – March 4, 2017

3-4-1This Friday, the Kingsport Aquatic Center hosted one of the most unique and absolutely fantastic events on the Kingsport City Schools event calendar, the D-B Tribe Games.  Held throughout the year and also featuring athletic events such as bowling and track & field, the swimming portion of the competition gave KCS students of all abilities the opportunity to hit the water and display awesome athletic talents in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  The program was developed by D-B Special Education Teacher Jimmy Burleson and is supported by a great team of D-B and KCS staff members.  The day was filled with laughter, excitement, and spirited competition!

The Tribe Games would also not be possible without an incredible group of sponsors that share their time, talents, and resources to make the event such a success.  Thanks so much to:

  • Texas Roadhouse, for providing lunch free of charge for all of the athletes, coaches, BUDS, and volunteers at each Tribe Games events this year.  Thank you Texas Roadhouse of Kingsport!
  • Daniel Kilgore, D-B grad and member of the San Francisco 49ers.  Daniel has been a consistent sponsor and supporter of the Tribe Games and finds time in his busy schedule to be a part of event days.  Thank you Daniel, for giving back so generously to your community!
  • The Palmer Foundation and Kingsport Aquatic Center, for providing the swimming pool and facility for Friday’s event.  We are fortunate to have such a world-class facility in our community and are so grateful for the hospitality!
  • Food City, for providing bottled water for our athletes.  Food City is a wonderful example of a local business that gives back to its community, and we appreciate your sponsorship and support!
  • Allen Greene, for donating his photography talents to help record and share images from the event.  Allen does such fantastic work… Thank you for providing your professional photographs of the Tribe Games to our teachers and school!
  • Varsity Trophies, for helping support the production of t-shirts and medals for participants.  These items were very proudly worn by our students today, and serve as a lasting reminder of a wonderful day in the pool.  Thank you Varsity Trophies!
  • The Kingsport Chamber, for their generous sponsorship of the event.  Time and time again, the Chamber steps forward to support worthwhile programs throughout our community, and we greatly appreciate their partnership in so many ways!

This week, the Saturday Six features some of the fantastic images captured during the event by Allen Greene.  Many thanks to Allen for his talents for allowing us to share these photos here in the Saturday Six!


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