The Saturday Six “Insight KCS” Edition – March 11, 2017


The Insight KCS Class of 2017 – April Banks, Lisa Norman, Joy Spruell, Nathan Flora, Melissa Dixon, Lora Barnett, Lindsay Powers, Amanda Bowman (Not pictured: Dawn Blake)

On Friday, March 10, the 2017 Class of Insight KCS wrapped up their year-long exploration of all things-KCS, completing a six-session program that explored all aspects of education and operations of Kingsport City Schools.  The community outreach and engagement program is available each year to interested stakeholders of KCS, starting in the fall and taking place once each month through the month of March.  This year’s class marks the third year that KCS has offered this award winning program, with year four scheduled to begin in September of 2017.

What does KCS have to offer?  This week, the Saturday Six looks at the wide variety of information and experiences explored during the Insight KCS program.  With multiple school and facility visits taking place during the program year, it a wonderful opportunity to learn about the inner workings of all KCS educational and functional operations, while empowering  advocates for KCS throughout the Kingsport community.  It’s not too early to start considering how you might be involved during the 2017-18 school year!

  1. Session 1 – KCS Overview, Leadership, and Organization:  A review of the KCS organizational structure, history, people, strategic plan, and Guiding Tenets.
  2. Session 2 – Teaching and Learning:  An exploration of all KCS curriculum and instructional services, including school tours, classroom observations, sessions with instructional leadership, and professional learning structures.
  3. Session 3 – KCS Vision:  A look at major KCS instructional initiatives and visioning process, including current projects such as D-B EXCEL, the Regional Science and Technology Center, and the KCS STREAM and Technology visions.
  4. Session 4 – School Facilities and Organization:  A deep review of how KCS maintains and services school facilities and operational management, as well as exploring school nutrition services, transportation, and communications efforts.
  5. Session 5 – Human Resources and Finance:  Seeing how an organization of over 1,200 employees recruits, hires, retains, and compensates its workforce, as well as reviewing the KCS budgeting process.
  6. Session 6 – Student Services and Community Engagement:  Exploring the many ways KCS supports students and engages with the Kingsport community, through programs such as KCS Student Services, the Homeless Education Program, and the KCS Family Liaison initiative.

Sound interesting?  To learn more about how you can participate next year, view the Insight KCS webpage by clicking here!

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